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I'm So Glad You're Here.

Welcome to The Archetypes Project. I'm glad you found it. Thanks for clicking, scrolling, searching, clicking, clicking again: all the things which got you here.


I'm Ceci. That's me, doing the silly face. I do that silly face a lot, especially if I have a camera pointed at me. Super embarassing, I know. I can't help myself. 


One of my favourite ways to embarrass myself is to approach strangers and ask intimate questions about their lives. I love it. No, seriously. Chatting to strangers about what's important to them, what their hopes for the future are, and even what they have for breakfast: this is the best possible way to spend a weekend. 

The Archetypes is a record of all these conversations. It's part of my mission to prove that true stories are often the most interesting ones, and that everyone has a story worth telling.

So thank you for reading. Thanks for wondering what The Teacher likes on her toast, what The Doctor is afraid of, and what The Policeman has in common with The Artist. 

I hope you love The Archetypes as much as I do. 

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